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How To Build A Bait Cannon For Under $50!

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The bait cannon is an incredible piece of fishing equipment for serious on shore fishermen. It allows you fish out in deeper waters from shore. And deeper waters means bigger fish!

Right now the company Bunker Up Fishing manufactures and sells their “Sand Blaster Bait Caster” cannons from $899 and up. I think the price is well worth it, but it’s because I’m not a crafty type of person.

For those of you fishermen out there that don’t want to cough up about a $1000 for a bait cannon and are decent in making things, you can build your very own bait cannon for under $50!

Northern Hardcore Fishermen (YouTube name) created a how-to video on how to make your own air powered bait caster cannon with PVC pipes, basic construction tools, and glue. Of course the air compressor or electric pump will cost more than $50 but the cannon setup can be made for under that.

Here’s the how-to video on building a bait cannon: Keep reading