Month: May 2016

Buy Hook-Eze Now!!!

Fishing Tech

This product is one of the most exciting new fishing products to hit the market! Yes, even more exciting than the Sand Blaster Beach Caster. Why? Because it makes one of the most tedious things that you have to do when fishing easy, rigging your hook!

I personally don’t know anyone who enjoys rigging hooks. I know I don’t, and I like to whip from shore so my line frequently gets stuck. But this product solves the hassle. It’s one of those products that makes you say, “Man why didn’t I think of that!” Or, “Why didn’t anyone come out with this before!” Because it’s so innovative, yet it’s a simple device.

It’s called the Hook-Eze. It does double-duty. It makes rigging your hook and line easy and serves as a protective casing for your hook when your rig is not in use. It’s difficult to explain so I’ll just have to show you. Here it is in action: Keep reading

How To Build A Bait Cannon For Under $50!

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The bait cannon is an incredible piece of fishing equipment for serious on shore fishermen. It allows you fish out in deeper waters from shore. And deeper waters means bigger fish!

Right now the company Bunker Up Fishing manufactures and sells their “Sand Blaster Bait Caster” cannons from $899 and up. I think the price is well worth it, but it’s because I’m not a crafty type of person.

For those of you fishermen out there that don’t want to cough up about a $1000 for a bait cannon and are decent in making things, you can build your very own bait cannon for under $50!

Northern Hardcore Fishermen (YouTube name) created a how-to video on how to make your own air powered bait caster cannon with PVC pipes, basic construction tools, and glue. Of course the air compressor or electric pump will cost more than $50 but the cannon setup can be made for under that.

Here’s the how-to video on building a bait cannon: Keep reading

Bait Cannon Lure Casting

Fishing Tech


With drones being a very high tech and innovative way to fish, there are a lower tech but innovative fishing techniques that fishermen are using. Bait cannons have begun to hit the scene in the fishing world and we think in time it will become a mainstream fishing product. It seems like a very practical way to be able to fish out in deeper waters without the need of a boat and tow truck to get out there. Now you can do it from land with this fishing setup.

In this YouTube video, you can see a homemade bait cannon, which they call a “Bait Caster”, in action. They claim that they can cast the bait out 300 yards out with the cannon. Being able to cast that distance will surely set a bait down in deep waters (depending on your fishing spot). Check it out: Keep reading

Drone Fishing

Fishing Tech

With technology ever so exponentially evolving, fishing technology and techniques are not immune to it either. We’ve come a far ways from fish scanners. Today, you are able to set up underwater camera drones to find schools of fish. But there are even more out of the box ways of fishing with the use of today’s available tech.

Recently, a fishing video went viral when some fishermen pioneered a way to fish from land using airborne drones!

Jaiden Maclean and a few of his fishing partners jigged up a drone, mocked up with a camera, mounted their bait to cast onto the drone, and flew it out to sea to cast. Now, this is very innovative, and I must say, a pretty efficient way to catch some fish off shore.

Here’s the video that was put together and went spreading across the web: Keep reading

Hello Fishing World!



Hello fishing world! Welcome to Fishing Kings, a unique fishing resource center for your traditional and modern day fishing.

I’ve been fishing recreationally for a good amount of my life here in Hawaii, so I thought that I share with the world my passionate findings on the world of fishing!

Come here for the latest in fishing, the newest innovations in the fishing scene, and everything in between about fishing.

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