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With drones being a very high tech and innovative way to fish, there are a lower tech but innovative fishing techniques that fishermen are using. Bait cannons have begun to hit the scene in the fishing world and we think in time it will become a mainstream fishing product. It seems like a very practical way to be able to fish out in deeper waters without the need of a boat and tow truck to get out there. Now you can do it from land with this fishing setup.

In this YouTube video, you can see a homemade bait cannon, which they call a “Bait Caster”, in action. They claim that they can cast the bait out 300 yards out with the cannon. Being able to cast that distance will surely set a bait down in deep waters (depending on your fishing spot). Check it out:

As you’ve seen the cannon works like a huge paintball gun, which is ingenious! The set up is exactly like a paintball gun mounted on a tripod. The cannon uses an air compressor to launch the frozen bait package out into the ocean.

The bait is frozen in a shell to fit exactly into the “barrel” of the cannon to maximize the pressure for distance. The bait “bullet” is also ingenious. It’s like a buckshot shotgun shell and a grenade launcher made into one deadly piece of fish hunting ammunition. Along with a small fish as bait, he freezes chum into the bullet bait solution. So when the bullet hits the water, it starts to melt and the chum spreads like wildfire attracting fish, and eventually the fish bait is there for the big catch to bite. So cool!


Well, you saw the video. In that cast, they cast out about 200 yards which will hit deeper waters where bigger fish lurk. Apparently, they have caught some big boys including sharks. So it works!


At the time of this post, the creators of the video acquired a patent for the bait cannon (U.S. Patent # 7,409,794), now named the “Sand Blaster Bait Caster” (S.B.B.C.), put it into production, and is for sale! So you can buy it from their company named Bunker Up Fishin’.

They have two different packages, the Deluxe Package for $999 the Basic Package for $899. Right now I don’t see the value of the Deluxe Package as it just has their branded rig holder (sand spike) and bag. The Basic Package would be my personal choice.

We are hoping to get our hands on a Sand Blaster Bait Caster soon for a review. But before you purchase one, there are cheap and inexpensive ways to create your own homemade bait caster. Stay tuned to learn how…

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