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This product is one of the most exciting new fishing products to hit the market! Yes, even more exciting than the Sand Blaster Beach Caster. Why? Because it makes one of the most tedious things that you have to do when fishing easy, rigging your hook!

I personally don’t know anyone who enjoys rigging hooks. I know I don’t, and I like to whip from shore so my line frequently gets stuck. But this product solves the hassle. It’s one of those products that makes you say, “Man why didn’t I think of that!” Or, “Why didn’t anyone come out with this before!” Because it’s so innovative, yet it’s a simple device.

It’s called the Hook-Eze. It does double-duty. It makes rigging your hook and line easy and serves as a protective casing for your hook when your rig is not in use. It’s difficult to explain so I’ll just have to show you. Here it is in action:

I’m speechless…

No more hook tying hassles. No more bloody fingers. No need to carry around my scissors just to cut my extra line. No more dreading this part of fishing!

You can purchase the Hook-Eze now through Amazon below with FREE SHIPPING! They come in a twin pack for about $12.99. So load up on them!

Buy Hook-Eze Now!!!

Big ups to the inventor Ross Bain for creating this revolutionary (through my eyes) fishing product. He deserves the success from creating such a great product! I’ll leave you with this video of Ross here. He’s a true Fishing King!

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