5 Fishing Gadgets You Should Have

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Fishing is a wonderful hobby and pastime.  It’s also a great way to improve your mental and physical well-being. It doesn’t require much skill, it’s entertaining, and can provide you with not only a sense of satisfaction but also a challenge. So, if you like fishing, or are planning to make it your hobby, here are the different fishing gadgets you should have in 2017. 

We have an Oahu pet sitting service and we take the dogs out fishing with us from time-to-time. These are fishing gadgets that we recomend for any recreational fishermen and woman on or offshore:

  1. Deeper Fish Finder

This is a nice equipment for those who want to use modern technology when fishing. The Deeper Smart Fishfinder is a wireless echo sounder that you can cast anywhere in the water. It floats and transmits significant information straight to the connected smartphone or tablet. It is connected via Bluetooth and the good thing is, it is compatible with both Apple iOS and Android.

The information that it can capture includes depth, bottom structure, temperature, vegetation, fish location, and other important data that can help you find fish. It can reach depths of up to 130 feet and the battery can last for up to six hours. 

  1. Panoptix PS30Down Transducer

This device allows you to actually see your bait and fish. It shows the fish in real time, even while you are stationary or while your boat is moving. Take note though that it does not provide water temperature or digital depth information.

  1. Tackobox SmartRod 7’ Spinning Combo with Bite Alert

This easy to use fishing rod has a built-in revolutionary patented pole tap bite alert technology. The alert can either be light, sound, or both to allow fishing in different environments and even night fishing. The alarm gets activated when the line is receiving activity from fish underwater. However, it should be noted that the SmartRod must be still for three seconds for it to detect a bite and activate the alarm.

This spinning combo is completed with a large 6000 series reel with a 4.7:1 gear ratio with 4-ball bearings multi stop system. It also has an aluminum spool with 20 lb red braided line weight.

  1. Hodgman Aesis

When fishing, it is also important that you wear the appropriate clothing and gear. Hodgman Aesis has a complete line of outerwear that you can choose from. You can get yourself a Wade Boot with Boa, a Sonic Zip Stocking Foot, as well as different kinds of jackets. Remember that conditions vary from time to time, so you should be ready with gear suitable for both warm and cold weather, including footwear, outerwear, and layering.

  1. Casio WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch

This watch is perfect for your fishing adventures as it is equipped with the features that you may need. It is a smart watch with a built-in microphone and 50 meter water resistance. It also has the ability to withstand shocks and vibrations and is compliant with military standard endurance tests. It also features a monochrome and a color LCD installed on separate levels, which ensures you will have excellent visibility under different circumstances.


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