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With technology ever so exponentially evolving, fishing technology and techniques are┬ánot immune to it either. We’ve come a far ways from fish scanners. Today, you are able to set up underwater camera drones to find schools of fish. But there are even more out of the box ways of fishing with the use of today’s available tech.

Recently, a fishing video went viral when some fishermen pioneered a way to fish from land using airborne drones!

Jaiden Maclean and a few of his fishing partners jigged up a drone, mocked up with a camera, mounted their bait to cast onto the drone, and flew it out to sea to cast. Now, this is very innovative, and I must say, a pretty efficient way to catch some fish off shore.

Here’s the video that was put together and went spreading across the web:

It’s a nifty way to fish with the drone and high definition camera set up because you can see where the fish are from above through the live streaming display mocked onto the drone controller. So, no guessing is needed on where to cast the package.

It looks like the drone being used is a DJI Phantom equipped with a 4K high definition camera. I’m unsure how they jigged the bait setup to hold the weight of the bail, in this case squid, and to release when the fish took it. Because I’m sure that if the jig were not to release under pressure, the drone would have been taken down by the tuna. It might have been a light test line that held the bait together with the drone so that it snapped once the tuna bit.

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The DJI Phantom 4 was tested with a payload of 2.5 pounds and it carried it with some ease. So the test line had to have been less than a pound to break when a fish bit. And the bait of squid is ounces below that so the set up would be viable for being able to carry the bait out and not snap during the flight out.

There is no way that you could manually cast out a pole that far out to reach schools of tuna as they did. This is why this innovative way of fishing using today’s technology is a great one!

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